(George, New Jersey, 2020)

I recently found myself in a medical situation and I learned that as I would conference with doctors and try to assimilate what they were saying and to formulate questions I was having difficulty because they were speaking in medical terms that I did not understand. When I had someone with me it was the same situation, we were unable to grasp what the doctors were saying. We went on a google search thinking this just can\'t be me and sure enough there is a class of professionals who deal with these situations in particular. I subsequently settled on Rick Pugach after interviewing several health advocates and I am very happy I did. Rick was with me on doctor visits and I could see from the very beginning he knew the right questions to ask and he discussed the answers with me in depth right in the doctor\'s office so I knew exactly what was transpiring. Not only would he go with me personally, if I was out of the region he would be on the phone for my visits. His personality fits what he has to do for his job. He cuts through the medical jargon, is an amazing advocate for his clients via phone or in person, and he explains everything in laymen\'s terms to myself as well as anyone with me. I would highly recommend him to anyone who was in the position to need a health advocate.

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