(Michael, New Jersey, 2022)

Rick Pugach is one of the most straightforward, realistic, honest guys I know and someone that I consider more than a health care advocate, a friend. If you need some professional advice regarding your medical situation, you should definitely do yourself a favor and give him a call.

On the morning I first talked to Rick, I realized that my health insurance company was not going to be paying any of my claims! The 2021 surgery I had was retinal reattachment, and all explanations of benefits were coming back as out of network. Surgery was at Wills Eye in Philadelphia and all of this took place within a 24 hour period, diagnosis to the operating table. What gets to me the most about the situation is the five or six times I presented my health insurance card, not one person told me I was out of network! How naive and trusting could I have been to not take 5 minutes and call my health insurance provider? Luckily later that morning I came across the Health Navigaid website and started thinking that maybe this guy Rick Pugach could help? "He'd be working for me and not my insurance company!" Those words got me and I was starting to feel a little bit optimistic. At first Rick wasn't so sure he could help but he'd give my situation some thought. The following day he called with a list of questions and took it from there! He worked constantly pleading my case, greatly reducing my liability and getting my insurance company to cover my care as a medical emergency and reduce my financial responsibility by almost 90%! So glad I made that call to Rick of Health Navigaid!

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