We are independent; we work just for you. Credible research and surveys continue to reflect alarming levels of consumer distrust of major institutions in our health care system:
  • 43% of consumers do not trust their health insurers.1
  • Between 2004 and 2010, consumer trust of hospitals declined from 35% to 29%, while trust of pharmaceutical companies declined from 14% to 11%.2

Health Navigaid clients have no concerns with dual masters or divided loyalties. We are not paid by an insurance company, pharmaceutical firm, hospital system or physician practice. We have no shareholders, outside investors, silent partners or cross-referral arrangements. We answer only to our clients.

We are experienced. We are practiced clinical and non-clinical health care professionals who, out of necessity, have become skilled at navigating the unique challenges that our health care system presents to all of us.

We are comprehensive. Health Navigaid provides a complete array of health advocacy services for you and your family.

We are personal. We will match you with a personal health advocate and strive to maintain an ongoing relationship between the two of you.

We are thoughtful. We want to address your immediate issues while providing lasting value. While Health Navigaid remains available to advocate for you, we coach you to navigate the system independently where possible. If we do not believe we can help, we respectfully will decline the assignment.


1 Pepper & Rogers Group, Measuring the Value of Trust in Healthcare, 2012
2 Harris Interactive December 2, 2010, The Harris Poll, November 8 and 15, 2010

What our clients are saying....

"We could not have dealt with this without you. Thank you for being there when we needed you.

Jane P., Devon, PA

"Thank you for your skill and tenacity in dealing with my Goliath health insurer. Without your advocacy I would have been swallowed alive.

Dan, Evanston, IL

“Thank you!  Expediting my orthopedic appointment was just what I needed.”

Don B., Havertown, PA


Please allow us to help you.

Contact Health Navigaid today at 610.937.2858

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